How to Make Money with Clixsense, best PTC

Clixsense is a program Paid To Click (PTC)

Clixsense is a program Paid To Click (PTC) which pay you as a member, to serving / see advertisements for sponsors and play the game, you will get paid per click advertising for standard members $ .001 to 0.01 showed more than 10-16 ads per day (depending on the activity you open the program clixsense, since ads can come anytime), in addition to the number of referrals you recruit limited and you'll also get a bonus instantly if you are lucky to win by playing the games provided by clixsense owner, bonus immediately put into balance your main account, payments to members Clixsense processor PayPal payment method and submit content to our members around the world.

Clixsense is one of the sites online business without getting involved in SPAM and is one of the oldest PTC program and highly recommended

how to register ?? quite easy

Step 1
please visit the website

Step 2
Then fill out the form as below, if you've filled click sign up.

Step 3
please check your email for confirmation or for the next step.

What to do after becoming a member Clixsense???
1. click advertising every day. click value of $ 0,001- $ 0.2. in one day can get 20 pieces of advertising
2. Participate complete tasks and earn a total prize of up to $ 100 for each week of the contest ..
3. Clixgrid play, there is a bonus of $ 10.
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Gampangnya dapat Bitcoin dengan PPC (an easy way to find bitcoin with

What it
AdBit is a Bitcoin & Blockchain empowered ad network working with a "Smart Bid Auction" and a real-time payment system.
AdBit is completely transparent to advertisers and publishers.

Join a growing community of publishers reaping the benefits that only AdBit can bring. Simply set up your AdBit ad spaces on your websites and let us monetize the space for you. AdBit is completely transparent, efficient, charges lower fees and all payments are made real-time to your account, instantly with every view or click.

Adbit paid based on page views and ad clicks, so do not worry if there is no ad click, how to register? quite easily not as hard as other Adsense.

Step 1

Please register here

Step 2 

Input Email, Password and Confirm Password.
then click Sign up
See the picture below

That's how to sign up
Thank You

Proof of payment

Bitcoin Wallet for Desktop, Mobile and Web

What is that Bitcoin Wallet?
Bitcoin Wallet if applied in their daily lives it like an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).

You can save your Bitcoin balance safely and efficiently. There are various kinds of Bitcoin wallet that you can use and you install on your PC / laptop, smartphone, tablet or in the cloud.

Bitcoin wallet has 3 types. Is that:
  • Software Wallet / Desktop
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Web Wallet
1. Wallet software where we have to install the software Bitcoin wallet on your own computer, there is several options Software Bitcoin wallet:
  • Bitcoin-QT (software original, requires a lot of resources) 
  • Electrum (the soonestt, simple, but fitur limited)
2.  Mobile wallet in which we have to install Bitcoin wallet in Smartphone so that it can carry while traveling, here are some options for Bitcoin Wallet phones:
3. Bitcoin Wallet sites where we have stored on third party servers, which is a company that provides storage services bitcoin. Using bitcoin wallet web means trusting others.
That's about Bitcoin Wallet, If you do business with Cryptocoin, then you must have a Bitcoin Wallet for storing your bitcoin.

hopefully this article useful and can add to our knowledge of the world Cryptocoin. thank you

Cara Mendapatkan Bitcoin a-ads dot Com

Mendapatkan uang dari internet bukan hal yang mustahil di jaman sekarang ini, contohnya kita bisa menjadi Publisher, PTC, Trading Bitcoin dan banyak lagi.

Menjadi Publisher itu mudah hanya bermodalkan blog maka anda sudah bisa menjadi Publisher, jika anda belum tau apa itu publisher maka dengan ini saya akan kasih tau kalian. 

Publisher adalah pihak yang ‘memajang’ iklan advertiser. Dalam dunia nyata, publisher bisa juga dibilang sebagai makelar atau perantara. Publisher tidak memiliki produk/jasa yang harus dijual, tetapi mereka memiliki jaringan dan traffic sebagai modal untuk menarik advertiser beriklan di website publisher. Publisher yang paling terkenal adalah Facebook dan Google Ads.

Nah salah satu Publisher yang saya share di sini adalah Apa itu ? adalah sebuah website yang bekerja dalam bidang pemasangan iklan, disini memberikan semua kepada kita untuk mendapatkan penghasilan dengan menjadi Publisher  atau penayang iklan di blog sobat. membayar dengan berdasarkan Pageview dan Klik Iklan jadi tidak usah khawatir jika tidak ada yang klik iklan, cara daftarnya pun cukup mudah tidak sesuali adsense lainya.

Berikut ini cara daftar

1. Buka website
2. Klik pada menu Earn, liat gambar di bawah ini 

3. Ikuti gambar di bawah ini.

4. Jika sudah memasukan data  tersebut silahkan centang I am Not Robot dan klik Create Ad Unit maka anda akan ditampil kode untuk di pasang di blog sobat.

demikian lah artikel tentang a-ads ini terima kasih semoga bermanfaat.

Kini Faucet Bitcoin ada di


Faucet bitcoin kini hadir di tekjgo untuk memudahkan para bitcoiners untuk mencari bitcoin dengan mudah.
Faucet Bitcoin adalah suatu keran pengisi bitcoin anda ke walet secara gratis.

Anda hanya perlu memasukkan addess BITCOIN dan ketik chapta, BTC langsung dikirim ke wallet Anda (beberapa menetapkan jumlah tertentu untuk bisa dikirimkan). BTC gratis bisa didapatkan secara periodik, ada yang 30 menit, 1 jam, 6 jam bahkan ada yang hanya 1 kali sehari.

Berikut ini Link Faucet Bitcoin Tekjgo.

Nah tunggu apa lagi bitconner ayo di coba.