How to Make Money with Clixsense, best PTC

Clixsense is a program Paid To Click (PTC)

Clixsense is a program Paid To Click (PTC) which pay you as a member, to serving / see advertisements for sponsors and play the game, you will get paid per click advertising for standard members $ .001 to 0.01 showed more than 10-16 ads per day (depending on the activity you open the program clixsense, since ads can come anytime), in addition to the number of referrals you recruit limited and you'll also get a bonus instantly if you are lucky to win by playing the games provided by clixsense owner, bonus immediately put into balance your main account, payments to members Clixsense processor PayPal payment method and submit content to our members around the world.

Clixsense is one of the sites online business without getting involved in SPAM and is one of the oldest PTC program and highly recommended

how to register ?? quite easy

Step 1
please visit the website

Step 2
Then fill out the form as below, if you've filled click sign up.

Step 3
please check your email for confirmation or for the next step.

What to do after becoming a member Clixsense???
1. click advertising every day. click value of $ 0,001- $ 0.2. in one day can get 20 pieces of advertising
2. Participate complete tasks and earn a total prize of up to $ 100 for each week of the contest ..
3. Clixgrid play, there is a bonus of $ 10.
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