Bitcoin Wallet for Desktop, Mobile and Web

What is that Bitcoin Wallet?
Bitcoin Wallet if applied in their daily lives it like an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).

You can save your Bitcoin balance safely and efficiently. There are various kinds of Bitcoin wallet that you can use and you install on your PC / laptop, smartphone, tablet or in the cloud.

Bitcoin wallet has 3 types. Is that:
  • Software Wallet / Desktop
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Web Wallet
1. Wallet software where we have to install the software Bitcoin wallet on your own computer, there is several options Software Bitcoin wallet:
  • Bitcoin-QT (software original, requires a lot of resources) 
  • Electrum (the soonestt, simple, but fitur limited)
2.  Mobile wallet in which we have to install Bitcoin wallet in Smartphone so that it can carry while traveling, here are some options for Bitcoin Wallet phones:
3. Bitcoin Wallet sites where we have stored on third party servers, which is a company that provides storage services bitcoin. Using bitcoin wallet web means trusting others.
That's about Bitcoin Wallet, If you do business with Cryptocoin, then you must have a Bitcoin Wallet for storing your bitcoin.

hopefully this article useful and can add to our knowledge of the world Cryptocoin. thank you

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