Gampangnya dapat Bitcoin dengan PPC (an easy way to find bitcoin with

What it
AdBit is a Bitcoin & Blockchain empowered ad network working with a "Smart Bid Auction" and a real-time payment system.
AdBit is completely transparent to advertisers and publishers.

Join a growing community of publishers reaping the benefits that only AdBit can bring. Simply set up your AdBit ad spaces on your websites and let us monetize the space for you. AdBit is completely transparent, efficient, charges lower fees and all payments are made real-time to your account, instantly with every view or click.

Adbit paid based on page views and ad clicks, so do not worry if there is no ad click, how to register? quite easily not as hard as other Adsense.

Step 1

Please register here

Step 2 

Input Email, Password and Confirm Password.
then click Sign up
See the picture below

That's how to sign up
Thank You

Proof of payment

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